Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everone!
Hope you are enjoying the long weekend!  DH and the kids get a 4 day weekend, but I have to go back to work tomorrow! :(

Anyway - we had a busy weekend.  We painted the house (yep, almost every room in it - 2 of the large, plastic pails of paint later......) and then at night, I tool the fantastic SHE ART WORKSHOP on-line while I relaxed. Yet another one of my ``finding inspiration and happiness`` things - added to the month of April!  YEAH!

If you haven't heard of this workshop, check out the link to Christy Tomlinson's blog post HERE  that talks about this workshop.  It is a mixed media workshop, where you learn to create art on canvases using things we all probably have around the house for the most part, while you learn some great new techniques.  The workshop gets you to explore your creative side, and let it all out! Then you make a lady to finish it off!
I signed up for the workshop in the second week of the 3 week course - but that`s OK, you work at your own pace and have 3 months to access all of the great videos, downloads, and information!

So at night after painting and when everyone is asleep, I have been working through all of the videos for all of the weeks - making notes and planning my first She Art canvas.  I will post my art when it`s made - I really excited about getting messy and making my first one - and more!  I picked up 4 canvases so that I can get everyone in the family working on one with me - it will be messy but I think everyone will have fun!  All my supplies are sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to start - can`t wait!

This Friday evening is the BBQ class with hubbie in Erin.  Date night!  I have no clue what it will be all about, but we will have fun anyway - doesn`t matter!

Until next time, have a great day!

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