Monday, February 8, 2010

Gone digital!

Hi there!  I've been really bad at posting lately - life sometimes gets so busy you're not sure which way is up!
Anyway - this post has perfect timing - because the kids had a birthday party to go to for a set of twins (a girl and a boy) so I got to test 1 of the best backgrounds out right away.

I have always loved the Hambo website - makes me laugh!  Something about pigs, and outhouses......and pig in outhouses!  Anyway - I checked out some of their digital stamps (OK, a lot of them!) and just love them.  There are background images and then lots of fun images to use on those backgrounds!  I can't wait to colour them all - so for those of you who like colouring you should definitely check them out.  HERE is the link to the Hambo site - and if you want the digital images look at the link on the left side of their home page that says DIGITAL IMAGES.  I picked up most of the backgrounds and a lot of holiday, birthday and animals too!  You can try them out first by downloading the FREE ones to see if you like digital.  Print them off on cardstock and do the Gamsol and coloured pencil technique OR print them on watercolour paper and do the watercolour with markers technique.  Lots of fun!

I did these ones really quickly so they are not fantastic specimens - but the kids won't mind at all.  I customized the background image with their names to make them personal.
Here are the 2 tags attached to their presents:

Then here are the tags up close:

I coloured them quickly with my Prismacolour pencils and used Gamsol to blend - really quickly.  Then it was off to the party!
Anyway, the site is worth checking out - lots of fun there!  And laughs too!
Until next time, have a great day!

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Pegg S said...

Oh these images are adorable! I didn't know they went digital! Will have to check them out. I haven't tried digital yet, but might have to now :)