Monday, November 2, 2009

More catch up!

If you have just popped in, make sure you see the first post tonight, right below this one.

Edited to add - just noticed I posted the glitter frames - so here is the link to that post with the colour charts for you to try out yourself!

On to more catch up cards from the summer!

Here is a fun make and take gift item - a potted plant! All you need to do is drop a packet of seeds or even a bulb into the little clay pot and you have a fun little gift for someone. This was originally an idea I saw on SplitCoast Stampers - and this is my version of it:

This is done putting watercolour markers direct to the stamp, colouring with the lightest marker first, then randomly layering on a darker shade for accents. A small spritz of the stamp with a fine water mister and then stamp on the paper.

Now for Glitter Frames on a Tree for All Seasons:


Winter (now that's a bit more timely a card!)

These were made with Terrifically Tacky Tape (1/4" wide) all around the border of my watercoloured image. Then I sprinkled Martha Stewart glitter over the tape and pressed down to seat the glitter all around. Quick and easy - and definitely holds there well!

Until next time, have a great day!

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