Saturday, February 7, 2009

WOW- it's been a long while

I'm dropping back in today SURPRISE - after a huge time away - sorry about that!
We are all moved and working on getting settled into the new house (which is fantastic by the way!) but it will take some time to get all my supplies back out of hiding in the packing boxes - but we'll get there!

In the mean time - just wanted to let you know that Sunshine Designs released their Spring 2009 new line-up yesterday and if you're a fan - you'll want to place your order. There are some surprises too - Solid Stamps! But don't worry - you can still watercolour using solid stamps, did you know that? I'll get some samples posted for you to see for yourself!
And make sure you also check out the Stamp Barn new releases, as Krista has also designed a number for them too - LOVE the Enchanted Hallow fairies (I had a little girl that will love these!).
Here is the link to the Stamp Barn new stamp page - HERE

They seem to be having some difficulty with the images. If they are still not showing, drop me an e-mail and I will send a note back with the pdfs of the new lines.

And - since we are talking about new stamps, check out the new Spring release from Inky Antics HERE
I love the Worldy Women - and really laughed over some of these new ones.
(40-something, Cook with wine, Have a donut - to name a few!) AND there is a new turtle!!! Tallulah will have to find a home in my collection of turtles!

Hope you are all weathering the winter and frantic weather lately. Stay warm and dry!


Lauri said...

Yay! So glad to hear from you!!!!thanks for the links!

Karen said...

I love the new releases. The Enchanted Hollow (there was a typo on the Stamp Barn page) is so darling! Those are going to be fun to play with. I *love* the solid image stamps and the Roly Polys too. All gorgeous! I'm a big fan of Krista's artwork. In fact, my very special Christmas present was a family "portrait" custom drawn and coloured by Krista herself. What a treasure!