Monday, March 24, 2008

Question - Answer

Just a quick note to follow up on a question from the comments section:

A big HI! to Christine who asked the following question:

Hello Pam-Its Christine Dol asking where do you get your rings to attach your tags. I have bought some at Michaels but they are hard to separate to put on the tag. Please let me know.

Answer: I actually buy them at my local Wal-Mart, in their jewelry section (Michaels is a bit far from my place - so I like the local source in case I run out!). I can't give you the exact name brand as I have dumped all the jump rings into one of the little CTMH clear jars for storage - but you will find them easily. They come in silver and gold - and I love both colours!
As well, I use two small needle-nose pliers to open and shut the jump rings. Even though these jump rings are easy to open and close, the pliers will save your nails!

I am working on a post (and card) about using the CuttleKids dies in your Cuttlebug! So, for all those out there who love the CuttleKids dies, and didn't know you can use them in your Cuttlebug (with a different sandwich stack) - stay tuned. And don't be afraid to buy the CuttleKids dies if you like them! There are also some great references out there - on how to use other major brands of dies and embossers in your Cuttlebug, and I will give you those links as well. Your Cuttlebug is so handy!

Until next time, have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hello Pam...thank-you so much for
helping me out with the ring problem. I have introduced so many
friends to your card ideas and to your website. I refer so many times
to your site for your cards. I have
ordered so many new mouse stamps, as well as the turtle stamps. Love them, Love them..
Christine Dol

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam! LOVE the baby bottle idea!! I have a friend expecting in April and I think I'll try that one out! As for the cuttlebug/kid, I do have both and haven't had the chance to use the cuttlekid dies on mine, so I'll keep an eye on your site. I love them and my 7 yo daughter lovers hers as well. We sit and make cards together. It's great!

Take care!
Karen (from the Keswick clan...)