Friday, March 16, 2007


A special thanks to ALL who have dropped in on my blog!
It has been so much fun reading what everyone is doing this week (or not doing!) - and to those still waiting for their breaks, as many of you are from your comments, ENJOY WHEN IT COMES!

DH has drawn 3 comments from the hat (that included all comments and e-mails sent to me through this post), and the winners are..................

Jessica (jessrose21) said...
Wow, sign me up! I would love some acrylic blocks. Thanks for the drawing! I found your site through Allison.

Dana said...
Ahh, March break! I will be spending the remainder of this week recouperating from my wisdom teeth removal surgery (OUCH), and hopefully celebrating my 30th Birthday on thursday the 15th. In the year and a half that we've had our two foster kids, we have not once gotten a babysitter...that's my goal for thursday! Alas, it most likely won't happen.Happy break anyway, I love your blog!

Ila said...
My plans this week are to make some time to create cards, get ready to go on a roadtrip on the weekend. Hopefully today to spend some time with my daughter who is leaving tomorrow. Great contest and Blog!!

If Jessica, Dana and Ila can contact me via e-mail (use the E-mail Us button in green in the top right corner of this blog) and let me know their full name and mailing address - I will get those out in the post right away!

Take care, and until next time, have a great day!


Dana said...

THank you, thank you, thank you for pulling my name! I'm so excited!

Ila said...

I won too...I'm so excited!! I checked at Michaels this weekend in Winnipeg Manitoba for these stamps but they never even had one. Yay! I won..Thank you!!