Monday, February 26, 2007

UHU Product review

First off - sorry for the lack of posts in the past few days - the flu bug took aim at my little Darling Daughter (DD) this past week. But things are now on the mend, we think, and all should get back to normal.

I am planning on doing a THEME for all of the posts this week - that is, doing a series of cards with one thought in mind:
Alternative uses for the Giga Scalloped Circle Punch (Marvvy).

For those that have this punch, are waiting for their shipment, or wish they had this punch, you have seen the regular uses for it already in some great examples of SplitCoast Stampers. These uses are:

  • Basic Giga Scalloped Circle.
  • Giga Scalloped circle with piercings in the scallops. See THIS post for my example.

And I have shown you a few alternative uses on my blog already:

  • A baby carriage. See THIS post for my example.
  • Scalloped single edge of thin card. See THIS post for my example.

But for this week, I plan on posting some other alternative uses I have found. So make sure you keep looking in, especially if you are a fan of the Giga Scalloped Circle punch (Marvvy) - and let's face it, who isn't?

I will start off with a post later today - with 2 cards to kick off this THEME WEEK!

But for now, I need to post my UHU product review. See the post below for a photo of the products. Overall, my impressions were good for these products, especially the tape runner. With a few minor things I would change, the products are still great, and good value for consumers.

Permanent Tape Runner -


  • rolls smoothly.
  • adjuster screw in case the tape loosens.
  • holds very well and firmly.
  • I prefer using tape runners, and this one worked very well.


  • there was no lid to cover the tape itself, so this made it difficult to take with you to classes, or to even store in a drawer.
  • the dispenser is not refillable, so you have to throw away that package entirely. I prefer refillable dispensers, they are a bit more environmentally friendly.

Scrapbookers Glue Pen:


  • holds well.
  • did not cause the paper to wrinkle as some other wet glues do.
  • Square-shaped applicator head took the glue all the way into the corners of square items (paper, photos)


  • applicator head is relatively big, so not able to use on finer/smaller items. I prefer a pen-sized applicator head so that you can use on the tiniest of spots.
  • glue left 'strings' between application spots. While these were removed easily, they were still a nuisance.

I will post the first in the series of Giga Scalloped Circle alternatives later today and all week long.

Until later, have a great day!

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